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Melina had spoken to Forge some more, knowing the dragon was off, something was off with the warlord but she could not pin point the real reason, after helping to clear up the mess with Toby she returned to bed, her stuff now all unpacked.
Zyra joined the professor soon after as Melina got into bed, tired from today’s activities, she felt concern and confusion in Zyra’s feelings but did not poke or pry.
“Jack, Ardon and Forge all seem in a similar sort of mood, I don’t know, as if they lost something dear to them” Melina said to the bold wing.
"Ardon said that it was difficult stopping Degarde and Braigg, knowing that they had so desperately wanted the ribbon to work," explained Zyra. "Maybe that's what's bothering them."
Melina scratched her head, listening to what Zyra explained.
“Perhaps, I do not think we ever know exactly what went on up there at Everest, Jack ordered a clean up crew to the site, our Chinese affiliate is taking care of it” Melina told Zyra.
"Even Ardon was quiet about it and he tells me everything. Whatever they faced I'm hope they'll be alright." Replied Zyra.
“I think they will, give it time, we best get to sleep, our plan with Veyron worked, he wont remember anything from the last 2 weeks, Mark said he keep an eye on him and feed him a little white lie about him training so hard he worn himself out” Melina commented.
"Let's hope he believes it. That wraith is a suspicious creature," Hummed the dragoness.
“He will, anyways good night Zyra, sleep well doctor” Melina said with a small smile as the lights dimmed and switched off.
"Goodnight professor," Zyra chimed back before closing her eyes.
It did not take long for Melina to fall asleep deeply, glad to be home in familiar surroundings once more as her dreams took hold.
Melina was walking on a beach, golden sands, clear blue skies, she heard the waves crashing against the shore, birds in the background, she felt the heat of the sun on her skin and face as she walked barefoot in the sand.
She smiled looking around her, palm trees lined up along the shore, gently swaying in the breeze, she was wearing a silver summer dress, one that Forge liked, her hair also done in a style the warlord liked her wearing, it seemed a perfect dream as she looked out over the horizon.
The professor closed her eyes and listened to the sea as she reopened them, she continued to feel the sand beneath her feet and the sun beating down a pleasant warmth she had not felt before, it all felt so real as Melina smiled lightly.
"Melina," called a melodic voice as a beautiful dragoness stepped across the sand, approaching the woman.
Melina turned, hearing her voice being called, it was not a voice she recognised, yet it sounded familiar and friendly, Melina turned and looked up in surprise as she saw a beautiful dragoness approach her, white scales shimmering in the sun.
Melina seemed to know who it was, not believing her eyes of who she saw before her.
“Tavalia?” Melina said as she recognised the necklace the dragoness was wearing, it was the dragoness Forge mourned for and loved dearly.
“It is you, Tavalia, the necklace my grandmother gave me, I gave it to you” Melina bowed onto her knee in respect for the dragoness.
Tavalia touched her nose to the woman's shoulder that she would rise to her feet again.
"It is and I am. A beautiful and kind gesture, a pure reflection of you, Melina."
Melina looked up and smiled lightly, taking in what she was seeing.
“Your as beautiful as Forge described you, in every way, it is an honour to meet you Tavalia” Melina said to the dragoness before her.
The dragoness smiled kindly, "it is good to meet you as well, Melina. You cannot imagine how thankful I am that you exist in Forge's life."
Melina smiled, feeling honoured to what the dragoness was telling her.
“I try my best for him, I know we have a residual link of such, I know he misses you terribly, I have felt that from him” Melina replied back, looking up at the dragoness.
The dragoness closed her sapphire eyes briefly and let out a breath. "He's never allowed himself to heal from that. His guilt and feeling of responsibility for me where something he has carried with him all his life. It was only when he met you that I saw that begin to fade..."
Melina nodded at the dragonesses words, honoured she held her in high regard.
“I do try my best for him, he has opened up to me a little bit, I am his unofficial Atillu in a way, I have seen the side to him, you fell for, he can be a cheeky guy, even being an old grump” she chuckled lightly.
Tavalia smiled, "there's a humorous side underneath it all. One the many qualities that charmed me when we met." She said before her smile faded into a more serious expression. "Please don't ever give up on him, Melina. I know he can be difficult and stubborn but he needs you."
Melina smiled and nodded.
“I won’t, I love him too dearly to give up on him, despite being a grump, I think it is because I do not take any messing from him, he knows who wears the trousers” she laughed lightly at the comment.
“Sorry, a human figure of speech” she explained what she meant.
"I understand what you mean," laughed Tavalia lightly.
The dragoness then leaned down to the woman and whispered something in her ear before backing away. Tavalia looked to her left and Forge was suddenly standing beside her.
Melina looked and smiled lightly.
“Hello Forge, was just talking to Tavalia here, she is a beautiful dragoness” the woman said.
Forge turned and nuzzled Tavalia with a warm expression, overwhelmed at being able to see her again.
"This Melina of yours is something special," said the dragoness.
"She is," nodded Forge, looking down at the woman.
"Protect her, my silver. I will wait for you in the stars but you must take care of her. You guarded your hearts too closely when you first met. Don't make that mistake again." Said Tavalia.
"No, you have grieved too long. Allow yourself this happiness for once," said Tavalia with a gentle yet firm tone.
Melina smiled lightly as Tavalia spoke to the silver dragon, she remained there as the two of them embraced.
Melina was happy that the two met again, a tear fell down her cheek as she watched the dragon nuzzle and embraced each other, Melina felt his joy and happiness seeing her.
Melina woke up and seemed puzzled, looking around she saw Zyra sound asleep nearby, Melina shook her head lightly, what a strange dream, she remembered everything about it, the location Tavalia, everything.
Trying to shake off the dazed feeling, she decided to make a cup of team, giving Zyra a pet and whispering she was going to get a drink, so not to let the dragoness worry as Melina went to the canteen to make a tea, the dream playing over in her mind.
After Forge woke, the silver dragon make his way down to the canteen, still trying to process the dream he had.
As he entered the large room he spotted Melina and paused.
"You are up early," he said after a moment, approaching her.
Melina turned around and smiled lightly, she had not drunk much of her tea as Forge approached.
“Yeah, thought a herbal tea might help, sadly it has not, I had a very weird dream” Melina said. To the silver.
"Oh?" Said forge, laying down on the ground across from her, "I did as well. Much has happened lately, must be affecting our sleep."
Melina nodded lightly.
“Mine was very weird, I was…on a beach, dressed in my Silver summer dress and hair all tied back and wavy” Melina described.
“Then I heard my name called, I turned and…and I saw her” Melina said looking at Forge.
This captured the silvers attention. He turned his fiery gaze on her. "Who?
Melina seemed a little hesitant to tell Forge but he would know she was holding back information from him.
“Tavalia, I saw her Forge…in my dreams, she spoke to me” Melina said.
The silver looked down at her with surprise. Could it be that they had the same dream. "Where were you... in your dream, what did she look like," he asked to be sure.
“I was walking on a beach, in my summer dress, haired curled back, wavy, I saw her on this beach, she wore my grandmother’s bracelet” Melina explained.
Forge slowly sunk to the floor, thinking that they couldn't have possibly had the same dream, "I was there..." he said quietly.
Melina nodded lightly.
“I know, I saw you, thinking you were part of the dream, obviously not, we must of dreamt the same dream, however impossible it maybe” Melina said.
The silver dragon rubbed his forehead a moment, trying to wrap his mind around a shared dream, or vision perhaps.
"I'm... glad you got to see her, in a way. And I got to see her one final time."
Melina looked up and smiled again lightly.
“She whispered something to me, about you, what to do to keep you safe” Melina said.
"She did? What did she say?" Asked the silver.
Melina remembered the words as if it was said to her just this morning, the words were clear, the dream clear as Melina spoke.
"Guard him against the things he can no longer have yet still yearns for. Guide him towards the happiness he can find." Melina said looking up at the silver.
Forge was quiet for a moment as he took in her words. He let out a breath sadly, "she has said similar to me in the past...
Melina got up from her table and stood before the silver warlord, feeling the whispers of his sadness.
“I know you miss her terribly, she was beautiful, I don’t intend to understand why she spoke to me, why she appeared in our dreams” Melina said quietly.
"Perhaps she wanted to ensure that I let go of what I saw... not to dwell on what happened in the ribbon," said Forge softly.
Melina looked up a little puzzled.
“What happened up there Forge, you stopped the world from being destroyed, yet you, Ardon and Jack act as if you lost something greater, something happened” Melina said.
The dragon was quiet as he looked away from her, uncertain if he should tell her what went on in the ribbon.
Melina saw the dragon’s reaction and knew something was up, Forge was not telling her all the facts here and she knew something had happened up there, something that shook all 3 of them to the core, she wasn’t going to let it go.
“I promise you what is discussed here stays with us, I promise you that, something happened up there, to all three of you, you lost something dear, rattled even you……what did you see up there” Melina asked.
Forge sighed, "the ribbon was exactly what Dr. Degarde had hoped it would be. It transports you to a place where you live out your own version of paradise. Those you have lost, things that could have been... it's all there," he said, a hint of longing in his voice, "I lived in the world I had always envisioned. When I went to seek out Jack and Ardon I was able to see theirs as well."
Melina seemed to go quiet, listening to the dragons words in awe and surprise, that must mean they entered the Ribbon, it all made sense now to Melina.
All of a sudden Melina came over and gave Forge the biggest hug she could muster, hugging tightly around his massive shoulder.
Forge hesitated only the briefest moment before he lowered his head to her and put his paw up to hug her back.
Melina continued to hug the dragon, she did not say anything but the actions said a thousand words as she continued to give Forge her attention, the woman’s kindness and love coming through the link.
"She was right," said the dragon, feeling almost overwhelmed by what he felt through the link, "you are a gift that I didn't know I needed, Melina."
Melina released the dragon from her intense hug and looked up, putting her hand on his muzzle, she smiled slightly.
“I am proud of what we have, I really am, I only hope I can live up to Tavalia’s words and I will promise her to uphold and do what I can” Melian said assertively.
"I know you will. If Melina Goodwin sets her mind to anything, nothing can stand in her way." Said the silver quietly.
Melina looked up and smiled lightly again.
“I do promise, I fulfil what she has said to me and fulfil it to the best of my ability” Melina said.

The next few weeks went back into a normal state, Jack and Ardon had gone to Scotland to attend the funeral and be with his family and Forge returned to Kilara, Melina wanted to get back to normality as Zyra did some of the lab work as she ran Veyron’s second test, hoping he would improve enough to pass.
Veyron leapt through the last hurdle in the obstacle course, crushing his previous two rounds. He skidded to a stop and panted lightly. "How's that for impressive?"
Melina smiled, pleased the Wraith had taken the test seriously, he had smashed both his times and seemed in far better shape for his breed.
“Yes, you have improved, one last test now and I can sign you off as smashing this course and the tests” Melina said pointing to the weight that stumped him the last time.
Veyron brushed his paws together and sauntered over to the weight.
"Alright, let's get this done with."
“Ok, you know the drill 3 Reps of it and then I sign you off then, so far I have been impressed” Melina said, her words perhaps spur the wraith on to complete these and not have to do them again for a good, long while as they agreed.
"Don't I always impress you?" Grinned the wraith as he went to pick up the weight. He lifted it and completed the first rep with relative ease.
Melina was pleased to see the results were coming through, he seemed in control and focussed.
The second rep was much more difficult, the wraith struggled a bit but managed to battle through and complete the lift.
“Ok, doing brilliantly Veyron, one more rep and its all done” Melina said as he went onto his final rep.
The wraith growled, gritting his teeth together as he lifted the weight with trembling arms to nearly the middle of his chest.
“That’s it Veyron” Melina gently encouraged, seeing his effort.
The weight began to dip but the wraith seemed to be determined. He growled again and it slowly began to rise once more.
“Good, good” Melina said seeing how he handled his little dip in form, she was impressed with his determination here.
Veyron put all he had into this last resort. He grit his teeth as his shoulders hunched, muscle rolling under scale. With one last snarl the dragon heaved with all his strength and hefted the weight over his head.
“Very good Veyron, well done, very impressed with your attitude to these tests and you smashed all 3 tests, a big improvement, I will sign this off and Jack can see you with a glowing report” Melina said signing off the work.
"Great," huffed Veyron but he was obviously pleased. "Now that you've witnessed my skills am I finally free to go?"
Melina nodded.
“Yes you are, I send this to Jack, I do mean what I said, from your last results to this, you really turned this around, very well done on all fronts” Melina said with verbal honest and a kind smile.
"Too kind, Proff. Told ya, I was just having an off day," he insisted.
Melina agreed nodding to the Wraith’s words, having to acknowledge the dragons little white lie about having an off day.
“Obviously, I was mistaken, now you go about your business or whatever Mark has got lined up for you” Melina said.
"You don't have to tell me twice, see ya, prof!" Said the dragon over his shoulder before he vanished out the door.
Melina shook her head and smiled, least that was one less thing to worry about, she signed off his report and sent it to Jack, she wanted to go speak with Professor Baxter on an idea she had.
Veyron made his way to the garage and vaulted through the passenger door.
"Ready to rock," he said, grabbing Marks sunglasses off the dash and put them on his muzzle and leaned back into the seat.
"So, do I get to drive?"
Mark laughed as he started the engine.
“You can mind the tickets, let’s get going, you can be in charge of the radio” Mark said putting the car into gear and leaving the torchwood underground car park with the roaring of an engine echoing and squealing of tyres as these two headed towards Scotland.


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