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Unread Oct 23rd, 2012, 10:56 PM   #1
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A New Line; Drawing with Short Story

So, because has YET to accept my drawing after more than a week, I've decided to share it here instead to see what everyone thinks. A shame. I just went back after years and nothing...sigh.

This is like, the first TLK related (ish) thing I've ever done in forever. LoL. Sorry if the picture's big. I don't know how to and if I can resize it.

It was an unusually warm and dry day for it being the middle of the rainy season and the animals of the Savannah were enjoying it greatly. There was no need to succumb to the constantly feel of dripping rain hitting against your nose and your back; instead, today was about enjoying the sunshine. Well, all except one little cub.

Jamaal sat on a flat outcrop he enjoyed resting in behind his home. Here, he could think to himself, imagine, daydream, and simply watch the beauty of the plains that were his own. Or at least, would one day be, much to his discomfort.
It wasn't necessarily that he was afraid to rule; he believed he would be a fine ruler, just like his father was.
He just felt as though the other animals wouldn't see him as a member of authority. He wasn't sure why he felt so unsure about this, but none the less, it was still a concern.

His ear twitched at the sound of feathers rustling above his head. He peered up and saw his father's majordomo Zimi, a hornbill chosen from by her own and Jamaal's family to continue the tradition of being a faithful servant to the royal line. "Hello, Zimi," he smiled up to the blue bird.

"Why, good afternoon, young prince. What do you see, today?" Her question was in regards to the changing of the seasons and the developments that had arose from them. Zimi had noticed how much Jamaal paid attention to the details of the Savannah, how he could note every new blade of change of every change in the colors of the leaves. He took pride in knowing how much Zimi respected his interested and how she also used them in her ow reports.

"The white of the clouds are becoming more and more transparent and smaller with the movement of the sun. The horizon looks clear as ever. It looks like the rains will be halted once again today."

"I'll be sure to tell your father of the news. With the rains, not many of the lions have been leaving the den as often as they would besides to hunt. I'm sure the pride would love to stretch their paws by the pond," Zimi giggled, landing briskly onto the rocky surface below.
"You are quite smart for your age, my dear. Any lioness would be extremely lucky to have you as their mate as well as their King."

At this, Jamaal flattened his ears. Besides his worry of authority, this was also one of the things he was uncomfortable with.
"Oh, I don't know..."

"Oh, Jamaal, you know your parents will be sure to find you a suitable queen. The neighboring prides are soon to bring their daughters to meet you and your parents. From there, a cub will be chosen that best suits you and she will be welcomed into the pride."

This tradition of meeting outside potential mates with his great-great grand mother Kiara. She found her love outside of the kingdom and from there the opportunity to find other mates outside of the royal court was encouraged. It was suggested it would bring a stronger bond between prides, and history has shown it to be fairly efficient. If the cub had both parents, they were to stay in their own pride until they were of age; frequent visits were custom as well by both parties and their families. If the cub had only a mother, they were offered a place in their pride if they wished. However, if the cub was a part of the royal line, there were conditions. If the cub was an only child, they were only still eligible if the prides wished to merge; however, if the cub was second or further in line, they would follow the conditions of betrothal like any other cub. Either way, Jamaal was still unsure about it.

"But what if none of them like me, Zimi," Jamaal asked with a sigh as he glanced to the rock below his feet.

Zimi chuckle and drifted up above him once again. "Nonsense, my dear Jamaal. Every young prince has lived a happy life with the mate chosen for them. You will be happy, as was your father and your grandmother before him." She smiled while performing a gentle swoop in the direction of Pride Rock.

Jamaal drooped his ears, wrapping his tail around him. "But what if I don't like them," he mumbled to himself.

"What was that, dear," she halted, turning on wing to peer down at the prince.

"Nothing, Zimi. Nothing..."
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Unread Oct 24th, 2012, 04:05 AM   #2
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Really nice picture and story to go with it! I like the little cub's curly mop of hair a lot. x3

I bet the only reason it hasn't been accepted yet is that Brian is busy. Sometimes it takes a while and he seems to be around less than he used to be. Maybe he's moving up in the world at his job or something?
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Unread Oct 24th, 2012, 05:06 AM   #3
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I really like the character's design, love the curly mop of hair and the more natural colors used and he sounds like a nice young man. *nods*
Avatar artwork by NQN, commissioned and displayed with permission.

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Unread Oct 24th, 2012, 12:01 PM   #4
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@Kasei: Yeah, I figured as much. No big deal. And considering how long he's been around, I hope he's moved up some how. He deserves it after the stress I'm sure he got just from maintaining that site. LoL!
And thank you!!

@CGW: hahaha, thank you so much! It seems the hair is a bit popular. I'm glad I chose that style! ^^ It's really one of the first times I've used natural colors, so I'm glad it worked out. ^^
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